Agents Representative Certificate

Face to Face – 2 Day Program

Before Entry Education - It was expected students would enrol into a course; knowing that they had 5 days sitting in a class room from 8am to 5pm listening to someone talk non stop.

Making things worse, institutes then hand out “homework” to be completed at home after the class has finished to receive your qualification. We hate this at Entry Education and flipping this standard course on its head!

Entry Education is run and operated by people who understand the industry and what our students want.

  • Our students want knowledgable trainers that have been in their position,
  • Our students want their qualification issued within days of completion,
  • Our students want to be in and out as quickly as possible while still receiving in depth knowledge,
  • Our students even want a catered lunch.
  • So we listened, and we are giving our students all of this!


    Entry Education is leading the way for modern Online education and training. We offer full support outside of normal 9 to 5 hours for our online students, whether this is via a Phone Call, SMS, Email, Skype, or even Facetime! Meaning you're never alone and without help.

    This method also means your program is completely flexible and revolves around you and your own personal timetable.

    It is common for institutes to set due dates and unnecessary time frames - by eliminating this we allow our students full flexibility over their course without additional fees or extra payments.

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