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About Us

What are we about?

Entry Education is leading the way for modern education and training in all programs we offer. We give our students full support outside of normal 9 to 5 hours, whether this is via a Phone Call, SMS, Email, Skype, or even Facetime! Meaning you’re never alone and without help. This method also means your program is completely flexible and revolves around you and your own personal timetable.

Entry Education is a relatively young company, but with a combined 50 years experience in education we have been able to take over the Real Estate training industry.

Entry Education is changing the way people learn.

Our Team


Director & Founder

Starting his career in the private education industry over 6 years ago and being a course manager for many of those years, Ryan has seen a need for organisations to offer more support to their students. This is the foundation Entry Education was built and established.




Corporate Relations

Entry Education’s corporate development executive has expertise across property, project lifecycle and financial growth. With the ability to find what service our partners require, Andrew is successful at bridging the gaps between organisations. Andrew has built relationships with agencies and organisations that have never been partnered with before.


National Course Manager


Trainer and Assessor

After 30 years of Sales experience in fields as diverse as Manufacturing, IT, Consumer Electronics, Media & Real Estate, James has returned to his real passion – Training. James draws on a vast range of experiences, but most importantly the successful years he spent in Residential Real Estate Sales at Noel Jones, in Melbourne’s leafy inner south east. James is a gifted communicator, who quickly establishes rapport with people from all walks of life. Knowing what it’s like to suffer through a “death by powerpoint” presentation, James prefers to engage learners with a narrative style of real-world anecdotes which both entertain & educate at the same time.